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Mission Fuel

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"At its best, a nonprofit's mission statement is a succinct expression of an organization's essential reason for existence or core purpose."
- The Bridgespan Group

No matter what’s going on in the world (a pandemic, inflation, snow in April (WTH), murder hornets…), one thing continues to remain true – nonprofit professionals are fueled by the organization's mission in action. That’s why our sector is truly the backbone of our community! 


Well, don’t be greedy! We want to hear your great stories. What wonderful thing or things have happened at your organization that have truly fueled your people and your passion? Please consider submitting below.


Stories will be shared on The Nonprofit Partnership’s social channels.

All story contributors will be entered for a chance to win prizes during Celebrate Nonprofits Week (June 20th – June 24th)!


  • Contributors must be part of a member organization with The Nonprofit Partnership.

  • Entries are due by Wednesday, June 22nd.  

  • Entries should be kept to 500 words. Please email us pictures that we can include with your story!


Share your Mission Fuel here

Thanks for submitting!

Prizes generously donated by:
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*List as of 6/20/2022.
Are you interested in supporting nonprofits with a prize? Contact Ellen at to get involved!
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