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Nonprofits' Impact

Nonprofits are all around us. Their impact is more significant than you might realize.


  • As of 2016, nonprofits accounted for more than 10% of non-government employment, more than 12 million jobs.  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • As of 2017, the nonprofit sector was the third largest employment sector behind retail and food & accommodations. (Johns Hopkins University

  • Nonprofit organizations spend more than $1 trillion annually on expenses ranging from hospital equipment to utilities, office supplies, rent, and utilities. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • More than half of all nonprofit sector jobs in America are in healthcare. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Approximately 14% of nonprofit sector jobs in America are in education, including colleges and universities. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • 12% of nonprofit sector jobs in America are in human services, including child daycare, family services, vocational rehabilitation, and food access services. (Johns Hopkins University)

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In Pennsylvania

  • There are more than 63,000 nonprofits registered in the state of Pennsylvania. (Independent Sector)

  • Over 790,000 people—more than 15% of the state's workforce—are employed at nonprofits. (Independent Sector)

  • Pennsylvania nonprofits generate more than $132 billion in annual revenue and hold more than $306 billion in assets. (Independent Sector)


  • 17 of the 50 largest employers in Erie County are nonprofit organizations. (Erie Times-News)

  • There are more than 500 nonprofits in Erie County and more than 140 nonprofits in Crawford County. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Nonprofits account for more than 19% of private employment—more than 20,000 jobs—in the Erie, PA metropolitan statistical area. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Similarly, in Crawford County, nonprofits account for just over 19% of private employment—more than 4,700 jobs. (Johns Hopkins University)

  • In 2016, approximately $828,873,000 in wages was paid to Erie County nonprofit staff; approximately $189,228,000 was paid to nonprofit staff in Crawford County. (Johns Hopkins University)

COVID & the Nonprofit Sector

  • According to a May 2020 poll, Americans now have a greater degree of trust in nonprofits than in state, local, or federal governments: "Taken in mid-May, the poll found that 70 percent of Americans said they either had 'a fair amount' or 'a great deal' of confidence in the nonprofit response to the pandemic. Only 65 percent similarly rated their confidence in either state or local government, and only 44 percent similarly rated their confidence in the federal government." (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Membership of The Nonprofit Partnership

The Nonprofit Partnership has more than 400 member organizations! To learn more, check out the directory!

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